Guests houses

The kitchen corner invites you to prepare a small dinner served with a “caipirinha”, a local citrus cocktail that’s quite addictive — and the terrace is just there with its hammocks, ready to let you relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.
A good sleep in the mezzanine of the Chalet or in the rustic bedroom of the Castello is all you really need to prepare yourself for another adventurous day in the National Park of the Chapada.
Each little house will accommodate snugly two adults and a child. If you want to experiment sleeping in the outdoors, then just climb the staircase of the Castello.  You will find yourself under a canopy of leaves, where, under a mosquito marquee, you can have a taste of wilderness — with all the comfort and protection you might want. The sensation is one of being suspended between heaven and earth.

Le Chalet

Le Castello